Trico Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

trico wiper blades review

The windshield is by far one of the most important aspects of the car since it protects us from the effects of high-velocity wind and even particles that exist In the air.

More importantly, it’s important that the windshield units are maintained in a clean manner to ensure optimal visibility, especially when traveling in tumultuous weather. For this reason, an excellent recommendation for you would be to start with the Trico 25-240 Force high-performance beam bladesthat are designed for long lasting windshield cleaning results.

Since the advent of the first wiper blade to ever hit the consumer market, the typical functionalities of some of these car necessities has been improving over the years and is nowadays fantastic. For instance, an excellent example would be the Trico Force that is robustly engineered with a unique beam blade with a proprietary swept swing spoiler that can cut through the wind at speeds that average well over 220kph, which is often caused by traffic turbulence and buffeting truck winds as well.

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The inclusion of the high glide and treated element provides smoother and quieter wipe. More so, these wipers also feature a special vortex aerofoil that converts the wind force for optimal windshield contact. It also comes with a robust superstructure that is durable for all weather performance and the SWIFT easy connection technology guarantees a secure fit and simple to install blade. This particular wiper also suits a broad spectrum of windshield cleaning applications with a special hook. Other auxiliary features include the push button, pinch tab and the side pin arms as well.



Perhaps the most notable aspect of the windshield available on this car is the Vortec aerofoil design that is meant to convert wind force for optimal windshield contact. In this way, the wiper will easily clean the windscreen; get rid of the effects of dust or any other debris that may be compromising your vision on the road. Besides that, another noteworthy feature of these wiper blades is the fact that it comes with a special high glide treated rubber element, which allows for a smoother and quieter wipe. In fact, unlike the conventional wiper elements that are available on the consumer market today, these wipers have been designed to meet the rugged demands of everyday windshield cleaning .


Car owners will also have to appreciate the highly superior material design that is meant for optimal durability for endless cleaning power. To be specific, the special material construction comprises of hardened rubber material that has been exposed to a special production process for superior durability. The robust superstructure makes it an excellent solution for all-weather performance including snowy weather. Besides that, the unique aesthetic design makes them an excellent addition to any vehicle model type. The unique apertures and design structure of these wipers also makes it an exceptional tool for cleaning your windshield.


Trico wiper blade manufacturers further demonstrate their affinity for excellence by incorporating these wipes with special swift, easy connection adapter technology. Simply put, all the user simply needs to do is to integrate the wipers in the appropriate position to realize the full potential of the wipers. Unlike the conventional wiper designs that often necessitate that one assembles various wiper parts, all you just need to do is to replace these wipers with the existing ones on your vehicle.


  • Vortec aerofoil for optimal windshield contact
  • HighGlide treated rubber element
  • Robust superstructure and swift, easy connection adapter technology
  • Simple assembly design
  • Suits several automobile windshield designs


All factors considered when it comes to cleaning your windshield; it’s important that you invest in some of the highly rated wipers. Equipped with these types of wiper blades, you can be sure that your car is ready for your travels and your have guaranteed vision even in the most demanding of weather. Therefore, the Trico wiper blades might just be the best places for you to kick start your regime. This Is because these wipers come with a broad spectrum of auxiliary features to make them superior in performance as when compared with the conventional wiper blades.

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