Piaa Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)


Becoming a better driver and ensuring that your passengers arrive at their destination safely is not all about perfecting your driving skills and the various road safety regulations.

In fact, an equally important factor to consider is that you have to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate travel mechanisms to ensure that your car is ready for any weather. For this reason, an excellent place for you to start would be with the PIAA 95065 Super Silicone Wiper Blade, which comes with a bevy of exceptional design features to make It the ultimate addition for your unique needs. To be specific, the PIAA wiper blade is made of a special quality silicone rubber compound that is resistant to the effects of all adverse climate conditions. Besides that, this blade also comes with an activated silicone coating that makes your windshield water repellent such that the rain beads up and can easily slip of your windshield.


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Discover the excellence of the patented silicone rubber that are available on these wipers to ensure that it can resist the effects of wear and damage from UV and sunlight exposure as well. It’s important to note that the silicone wipers have been designed to provide optimal durability to ensure that it can last well over two times longer than the conventional premium wipers that are available on the consumer market today. Users will also appreciate to know that the patented silicone rubber material is unlike any other and cannot be found on any conventional wipers other than the piaa wiper blades.


Moreover, the wiper frames also come with a special aerodynamic design to help maintain the position of the rubber on the glass, especially at intense highway speeds. Additionally, to protect against the effects of corrosion, the frames are designed with special zinc and powder coated elements as well. In fact, each frame is well-balanced to provide sufficient pressure on the windshield and to prolong blade life. This particular design provides users with clearer and noise free operation each time. It’s important to note that this special aerodynamic design has been inspired by mechanical engineers and is meant for long term windshield cleaning capabilities.


Further lending to the superior design of these wipers is the fact that it coats your windshield with water repellent silicone with every wipe such that you don’t have to perform a re-application. To be specific, the water repellent silicone makes it ideal for cleaning your window especially in conditions with torrential rainfall or perhaps in snowy weather as well. The special water repellent silicone is applied generously for long lasting results and to make it one of a unique windshield water repellent silicone applications that are available on the consumer market. The coating also helps to protect the windshield from the effects of scratches caused by debris such as sand each time.


Car owners will also appreciate the inclusion of the instant water beading action design, which helps to produce a clearer vision even when the wipers are not in wiping operation. In fact, unlike the conventional wipers that are available on the consumer market, these particular wipers make an excellent addition with the instant water beading design. Any streaks or droplets of water that may compromise your vision when traveling are instantly eliminated, and you are sure of endless water beading results. With this type of auxiliary windscreen feature, the wiper makes for an excellent solution for cleaning your windshield.


  • Patented Silicone Rubber
  • Silicone Wipers Last Up to 2x Longer
  • Aerodynamic Frame with similar Pressure Points
  • Coats Windshield with Water-Repellent Silicone with each Wipe


Finally, when it comes to ensuring that you have sufficient peace of mind when traveling, it’s important to note that you have various options at your disposal. One important aspect that most people tend to forget is that wipers are an equally important aspect of the car, and it is, therefore, important that we choose the best-rated models. An excellent place to start would be with the Piaa wiper blades that are designed to provide both solid performance and impressive affordability as well.

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