Michelin Stealth Hybrid Wiper Blades Review

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid is a windshield wiper blade whose main priorities seem to lie within the realm of keeping everyone happy. This is in contrast to a large majority of windshield wipers – especially those of the premium variety – which seem to focus on meeting the needs of one particular demographic, such as those who plan on coming in contact with a large amount of snow or those who’s cars aren’t compatible with a large variety of other blades.

While it has a few features which stick out quite a bit among similar products (such as its included protective layer), it tends to be a well-rounded wiper blade which, while perhaps not the very best product in any one regard, is certainly well above average in every possible way, making it great if you want to ensure all of your basis are covered without paying too much money to do so. Let’s take a closer look at just what it is that this blade does and find out whether or not it’s the blade for you.

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The effectiveness of the Michelin Stealth Hybrid is certainly above par. You’ll find it able to clear anything off of your windshield which may need clearing off in the first place. While this characteristic stays fairly consistent at all times, it is most apparent when in the presence of snow or ice. You’ll find the blade to be very resistant to jamming, as well as the “bouncing” often seen when a wiper blade scrapes across ice. This is due to the outer layer of the blade which acts as a protective barrier of sorts, preventing ice from hindering its performance.


While the Michelin Stealth Hybrid may not be the absolute number one wiper blade when it comes to the level of noise it makes, you’ll once again find it to be well above average in this regard. It operates very quietly, whether it may be wiping off snow, clearing off water, gliding across ice or even just moving across a dry window for any reason at all. You’ll certainly find it to be much more quiet than your average blade; especially those hovering around the same price. Once again, this is most apparent when in the presence of ice, as it seems to do a great job of tackling it.

Performance Lifespan

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid seems to hold up rather well after long periods of both regular and irregular usage. As with its high level of effectiveness, this is primarily achieved through its outer layer. While many manufacturers have their blades’ metal pieces protrude as a means of letting the metal soak up some more damage on behalf of the rest of the blade, this often lends itself to easy rusting after having been used for any significant length of time. Because this is not the case with the Michelin Stealth Hybrid; however, you’ll be able to get quite a bit of use out of it.

Easy Installation

Short of blades which literally snap onto their designated joints, you won’t find a whole lot of similar products which are easier to install than the Michelin Stealth Hybrid. The initial installation truly takes no more than a couple seconds and is an extremely easy process. You’ll also find getting a blade to fit your car perfectly to be a very easy ordeal, being that it comes in ten different sizes. It also does a great job of conforming to your windshield’s level of curvature, making the odds that it won’t be compatible with your car very small.


The Michelin Stealth Hybrid comes with a parts warranty. More or less, this implies that the manufacturer will replace any broken parts on their product up to a year after the initial purchase. Of course, this only applies to broken parts which were the fault of the manufacturer. Either way, you can be sure Michelin is selling you something that works.

Overall Summary

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid is a great and well-rounded blade which is sure to have you covered under any weather conditions you may possibly face. While it may be a bit better at tackling snow, you can still be sure it will work great even if you’re living in a warmer climate. Where other wiper blades seem to have major benefits and major drawbacks, the Michelin Stealth Hybrid performs above average in every regard. As such, it may not be most catered to your needs above everyone else’s, though you can be confident it will still work for you in the end. As such, the Michelin Stealth Hybrid is one of the safer purchases you can make, being that it doesn’t have a tendency of disappointing under any given circumstance.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Quietness
  • Performance Lifespan
  • Easy Installation
  • Warranty
  • Bill Methatswho

    Thanks for posting this. I bought some of these for my 2006 Honda Accord and loved them–then when I bought some Michelin wipers at Costco the second time, they must have changed something because I tried two times returning and replacing them and they no longer stayed against the windshield. Any idea what the problem was? I’m not sure if the second set were the same model of Stealth wiper–my original packages said Stealth Hybrid but I don’t recall what the newer ones were called, but they were made by Michelin.

  • Yves Renaud

    Hello Gary,

    I just had to worst experience with one of these wiper. My car is a BMW 3 series for which the is a special adapter from Michelin. I have the wiper for about 1 year now. While brushing off snow of the car and around the wiper, I had to lift (driver side) to clean under and into the wiper slot. This action has release the pressure and the wiper felt off his arm which went swinging into the windshield and break it. Now I have to replace a very expensive windshield (around 1000$) because of these wiper.

    I inspect closely the other side to figure out that the problem is with the special bracket. It’s long and composed of 3 parts that weaken the attachment up to the point where it can easily come loose without the driver noticing. The spring arm kept it in place, I was driving on the highway just before this happened and it was fine, but just pulling up the arm, the wiper was loose.

    I recommend owner of BMW or other brand that require such adapter to stay away from these wipers. I will informed MIchelin, Pilon and Costco to see what they can do. Being an expert at this matter, can you help me go forward on this?

    Hope this can help others. I thank you in advance,