Can I Use My Old Wiper Blades on My New Car

Can I Use My Old Wiper Blades on My New Car

If you just purchased a new car, you might feel like you need to find a way to save money wherever you can to make that car payment that’s just around the corner. Some people even try to use certain parts off of their old car interchangeably, with the new car. Unless you have two cars that are the exact same make and model, this isn’t going to work.

The same is true when it comes to the windshield wiper blades. In most cases, you’re going to have to buy everything new for the new automobile, even your windshield wiper blades.

They’re Probably Not the Same Size

Chances are, the windshield wipers are going to be a different size on the new car than they were on the old one. If that’s the case, there’s really no way for you to pull the blades off the old car and put them on the new one because they’re not going to fit. All you’re doing is creating a lot of extra work for yourself, not to mention the frustration of going to all that trouble and finding out that it doesn’t work anyway.

It’s highly unlikely that you purchased a new car that’s exactly like the old one, so there is not a very good chance that those blades are going to be the exact same size. Even on cars of the same make and model, there’s a big tendency to change several things about them from one year to the next. If you have a car that’s five or six years old, there’s no guarantee that the blades for the new car are going to be the same size.

They May be a Different Style

Depending on how old your old car is, the blades might be a completely different style than they are for the new one. If you’ve been driving your old car for several years, it may have a different style of windshield wiper arm the requires different blades. You can usually tell by looking to see how curved the windshield wiper arm itself is. If it’s fairly straight across, there’s virtually no chance that the blades from it are going to fit on the newer automobiles because they use a different style of wiper arm. You might as well stop right there and just purchase new blades instead.

Can I Use My Old Wiper Blades on My New Car

Why Would You Want to Put Old Blades on a New Car Anyway?

If your newly purchased car is newer than your old car, it doesn’t make sense to pull blades off of an old car and put them on the one you just purchased anyway. Even if you’re purchasing a used automobile that’s new-to-you because you’ve never driven it before, it’s still a bad idea. It doesn’t make much sense to pull old blades off of a different car and try to use them on the new one.

First and foremost, something as simple as blades for the windshield wipers should have been thoroughly checked out before the car was ever sold, even if it was sold from a used car lot. If that’s not the case, you have to wonder how many other things weren’t properly checked before the car was sold to you.

When you’re in the market for a car, it’s important to consider these things. If the car is sitting on old tires and has old blades on the windshield wipers, you can almost bet the things you can’t see with the naked eye are in even worse shape. It’s probably time to simply move on and find something else. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense the pull the blades off of one car and put them on another because there’s no reason for it to begin with.

New Blades Are Fairly Inexpensive

If you’ve just purchased a car that needs blades that badly, you can usually purchase them for less than $20. It’s best to figure out what size of blades the car needs and then purchase the correct size. You really don’t want to put used blades on any car. It’s kind of the same thing as buying used tires that weren’t considered to be good enough to be on someone else’s car, yet you’re putting them on your own. All you’re really doing is buying yourself a little bit of time if you’re lucky.

All in all, you really should dismiss the idea of putting blades from an old car onto a new one. It doesn’t really make sense, and it isn’t worth it. The new car shouldn’t be in need of blades for a while, and even if it is, it makes more sense to just go out and buy them.