Bosch Clear Advantage Windshield Wiper Blade Review (Updated March ’20)

If you have accumulated any experience with Bosch windshield wipers up until this point, or have even lightly researched a few of their products, it can be easy to come to the conclusion that the Bosch brand is a brand which makes no compromises and offers a high-end product for an equally high-end price. While I can’t praise their products enough, it can be easy to be scared away from them due to their rather high price. The Bosch wiper blade we’ll be reviewing today however, offers many (but not all) of the benefits of similar products in the line while clocking in at a much more agreeable price.

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The Bosch Clear Advantage can be had for ten dollars apiece. Despite this, it comes with a few features and specifications you might expect to find in blades selling for a few dollars extra. It also comes with a great degree of effectiveness, an easy installation and a very quiet operation, easily making it one of the very best wiper blades within its price range.


I’m not going to say that it’s impossible to find a wiper blade with an equal or greater level of effectiveness with a bit of searching. Because it isn’t. However, when you take the Bosch Clear Advantage’s price into account, you’ll find it does an excellent job considering. Even when compared to wiper blades as a whole, no matter their cost, this particular blade is still above average in terms of effectiveness. As such, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal of practicality in this product in relation to its price.


This is one area where the Bosch Clear Advantage’s price does a misleading job of reflecting its quality. If you’ve ever used Bosch wiper blades of a higher price, you’ve likely come to appreciate just how quiet they are in operation, no matter what whether conditions might get thrown at them. As it turns out, the Bosch Clear Advantage does an equally great job in this regard. If you’ve been afraid of going with something a little cheaper out of fear of ending up with a loud, clunky unit, this blade is sure to be just what you need.


If you take a look at reviews around the web regarding the Bosch Clear Advantage, you’ll likely notice that ratings regarding the unit’s overall level of durability and longevity are quite average. This is because the unit is average in this regard. While this may not sound overly exciting at first, it’s really not too shabby at all, considering the blade is below average in price. This is another area where the Clear Advantage is able to outplay other wiper blades within its price range, giving you a great bargain and sense of value. This goes in contrast with many cheaper wiper blades on the market, which may not be so cheap in the end after they’ve been replaced time and time again.


Generally speaking, an easy installation seems to be the standard when talking about windshield wiper blades which carry some degree of quality about them. Luckily, this particular blade is no exception. While I wouldn’t recommend throwing out your instructions before even looking at them, you are sure to have an extremely easy time properly setting this blade up and getting it fully functional. In fact, it might not even take an entire minute after first being taken out of its packaging.


As with nearly all Bosch products, the Clear Advantage comes with a one-year warranty which protects you from manufacturing defects. The warranty in question stands for the entire year after you purchase it so long as the blade isn’t misused. “Misused,” in this sense, refers to doing anything with the blade other than attaching it on your car and using it as you would any other blade. Of course, this is an extremely easy rule to adhere to. It’s nice to see a good warranty on such a low-cost item, as this level of confidence shows that the manufacturer doesn’t skimp on using quality parts in its make to bring the price down.


“Cheap” seems like an unfair description for the Bosch Clear Advantage. “Frugal” might be a better word. If you’re the type who prioritizes getting a great bang for your buck, this wiper blade might very well be the best possible blade on the market. If you’re looking or something simple which gets the job done, you can be sure the Bosch Clear Advantage won’t have you paying for a variety of fancy features. If you’ve been shopping for a windshield wiper blade within the ten-dollar price range, it’s hard to be the Clear Advantage.

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