Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blades Review

The Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade is a windshield wiper which is suitable for a wide variety of needs. It will cut through mud, water and dead insects with next to no effort being exerted in the process whatsoever. Despite this, the wiper blade seems to be majorly advertised as being a great blade for those who simply want something to cut through snow and ice. It also tends to be a more frugal alternative to other Bosch windshield wipers, a brand which is already known for offering a great degree of value.

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The Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade is one of the most effective windshield wiper blades on the market. You’ll notice it is able to clear off your windshield quickly and efficiently. Of course, this is exactly what you want to see in a windshield wiper of any sort. You’ll most likely notice this high degree of effectiveness when dealing with winter weather conditions. If you’re simply looking for something to get you through the next few winters, you can never go wrong with the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade.

Not only will it prove to be convenient through its ability to clear ice and snow, you’ll likely find it even helps to preserve your windshield. Wile many windshield wipers may actually scrape snow and ice along the surface of a windshield (an effect which is terrible for your windshield for obvious reasons), you won’t find yourself experiencing this issue with the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade. Although the blade is already a frugal purchase in its own right, it may indirectly save you even more money in the long run through protecting your windshield to a rather large degree. This is a huge plus.


You shouldn’t ever experience any issues with the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade regarding the level of sound it makes while in operation. As with the wiper’s effectiveness, this feature will be most notable if you’re living in the upper half of North America and Europe. If there’s any one time that any given windshield wiper will make noise, it’s in the presence of snow and ice. Because the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade is able to cut through such obstacles with little effort; however, you’ll certainly grow to appreciate the lack of headaches you’ll experience the winter after making the purchase. It always glides smoothly across a windshield, no matter what material it needs to cut through to do so.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ve come to the conclusion that no other windshield wiper blade – made by Bosch or anyone else – can outlast the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade under any given conditions. Bosch says this particular blade lasts forty percent longer than other premium wiper blades, and I believe this without question. It is this particular feature which makes the blade in question as frugal an option as it is. While ice and snow may wear away other blades over a relatively short span of time, that is not so much the case here.


The Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade is very easy to install. I wouldn’t argue that it is the only unit as easy to install as it is, though I’d make a point of noting that there are many blades which are less easy to install than the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade. If you’re sick of messing around with your car all winter and just want to get some new blades on and get on the road, you won’t find the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade to cause you much trouble.


The warranties found on any given Bosch windshield wiper(s) tend to stay consistent across the brand (though don’t take this as law; always check before making a purchase). And, as it turns out, the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade is certainly no exception. For the first year after your initial purchase, you’ll be entitled to a complete warranty. The only rule? Don’t misuse your windshield wipers. If you’ve ever once driven in the rain or snow, you likely know that this is a very easy rule to adhere to.


It seems Bosch has undersold this product to some degree. Despite what the product’s marketing might begin to suggest, this wiper is not only suitable in colder climates. While its strengths will certainly be most apparent under snowy and icy conditions, those living in warmer climates will certainly still appreciate what the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade has to offer. It’s easy to install, it gets the job done efficiently and with little noise, and it proves to be a very frugal purchase in the long run through its above average warranty terms and its large degree of longevity. Even if your area of residence has yet to see snow for the first time, the Bosch 22B ICON Wiper Blade can prove to be a great choice.

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