Anco 31 Series Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

anco 31 series review

The first thing you’ll notice about the above ratings given to the Anco 31 Series is that they’re not all that exciting. While they may be slightly above average, many of us may find ourselves looking for something more in a product than just slightly above average. However, depending on the type of consumer you may happen to be and just where it is your priorities lie, the Anco 31 Series may actually be just the windshield wiper blade for you.

If you head on over to the Anco 31 Series’ official Amazon page (which has been linked to at the bottom of this review), you’ll immediately notice that the blade in question is extremely low in price. What’s more, it could easily be considered as the best possible blade you can buy for such a low price. As such, this makes it one of the most frugal options available. Despite being low in price, you’ll find it to be quite durable, not only saving you money now, but keeping your wallet fat in the long run as well.

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The effectiveness exhibited by the Anco 31 Series is above average; there’s no doubt about that. While this already sounds great, it gets better. If you were to compare all windshield wiper blades in terms of how their effectiveness stacks up to their price, the Anco 31 Series might actually have the number one spot of all time in terms of its effectiveness-to-cost ratio. While some high-end Bosch units might do a better job at getting your windshield clean in a short amount of time, you’ll be paying up to three times as much to acquire them in the first place. The Anco 31 Series is a very effective unit when you consider its price.


Of course, the best product on the market can’t also be the cheapest product on the market. Sacrifices will have to be made if you want to get the best deal possible. As it turns out, the Anco 31 Series’ level of quietness is one such sacrifice. Now, it’s not that the blade is overly loud. It is; however, far from being quiet. Overall, the level of noise it makes could be considered as being rather average. Still, this translates to value when you consider the blade’s price is well below average.


The unit’s price and its level of durability combined are what make it such a frugal alternative to more expensive wiper blades. In fact, you’ll find many blades in the Anco 31 Series’ price range to not offer any savings at all, being that they often have you replacing them on a more frequent basis. This is something that can be said of any product and not just wiper blades. The Anco 31 Series; however, breaks away from this trend and offers a cheap product that you can be sure will stick around for quite some time, saving you a decent chunk of cash in the end.


This was a hard factor to assign a rating to. On one hand, you may have a very easy time installing the Anco 31 Series; getting it up and running may take a matter of seconds. On the other hand, you may never be able to properly install it at all. This is due to compatibility issues which aren’t exactly advertised by Anco. To make sure things with this blade run smoothly, you’ll want to make sure your windshield has a very small amount of curvature. If your current wiper blades are made for curved windshields, you may want to skip on this product.


To be fair to other wiper blades on the market, I held the Anco 31 Series up to the same standards as all other products. With a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, it gets a four out of five. However, the fact that the blade can be had for under seven dollars could lead you to think you’re not getting a warranty in the first place. One year of coverage for under seven dollars is an amazing deal which blows most wiper blades out of the water.


If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you won’t have access to as many good products. There’s no way around this fact. However, if you’re looking to spend a very small amount of money while still walking away with a product whose quality could be considered as being above average, it truly doesn’t get much better than the Anco 31 Series. In every factor, it performs average at worst and amazing at best. When purely considering a wiper blade’s cost-to-quality ratio, the Anco 31 Series might very well be the best product within its corner of the market.

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