About the Author, Gary Jones

Gary has always been a car lover. His childhood days were mostly spent with his father, who was a mechanic in a local garage. It was usually his job to hold the flashlight so his father could see. As a teenager, he would often work on friend’s cars. His favorite pastime was going to dealerships just to test drive new models. After this had happened several times, the owner of the local dealership told him that if he wanted to test drive his cars he would have to work for it. Gary agreed, excited to learn all he could about the different models.

Gary rose quickly through the ranks as salesman. His incredibly likable and laid back personality in combination with his vast knowledge of cars was a great fit for the position. One day Gary found a beautiful woman walking around the sales floor, who was looking to apply for a sales position. Her name was Sarah, and after a few months it was clear that they were a great match for one another. He and Sarah were married a year later, and immediately started a family.

After the twins were born life seemed more hectic than ever. Both Gary and Sarah had done well at the dealership were promoted to top sales managers. Looking back now, Gary still does not quite remember how they managed to balance it all. But they did, and the years passed. Sixteen years later the twins turned sixteen, and the Jones were headed to the dealership to pick out the twins’ first car that they would share.

A shining black sedan with gray interior was chosen, and the twins were more than excited to drive it to and from school the following day. Gary and Sarah stayed home late to see them off into the rainy morning before heading to work. It was an overall successful day- Gary had already sold four different vehicles by the time the call came.

The twins had been in an accident. Gary and Sarah rushed to the hospital through the pounding rain. The doctor informed them that the windshield wiper had blown clear off, and they couldn’t see through the torrential rain that the car in front of them had stopped short.

Luckily they had both been wearing seatbelts, and were okay. That night Gary started scouring the internet for reports of windshield wiper losses, and found that windshield wipers had very few actual reviews online. His new goal was to be sure no other parent would have to go through what they had. Gary started a blog which he now works on full time today. His children are now in college with the best windshield wipers he has rated, and Sarah continues working for the dealership where she is the strongest advocate for quality parts in each of their vehicles.

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