2007 Honda Accord Wiper Blades

Having the proper wiper blades on your car is just as important as having the proper tires on your car. Without good wiper blades your vision can be obscured by even the lightest rain, and this could lead to a preventable auto accident. You could even hit walking pedestrians. Here are some of the best 2007 Honda Accord wiper blades.

Clear Plus Frame Style Wiper Blades

The Clear Plus wiper blades are standard style frame blades. They are made out of natural rubber and are rain resistant. They come in size 18 inches for the passenger side and 26 inches on the driver side. It is advised that you remove stabilizer attachment from the wiper arm before installing these wiper blades.

Rain-X Beam Style Wiper Blades

The Rain-X wiper blades are heavy duty beam style blades. They are made out of synthetic rubber. They are suitable for all weather situations including rain, snow, and ice. These blades also come with Rain-X solution technology which assists in making water roll off of the windshield. The blades are rust proof with edges made out of graphite to reduce the noise made when they’re turned on. Equal pressure is applied over the entire length of the blade to keep the windshield streak free.

Denso Conventional Black Wiper Blades

The Denso conventional black wiper blades for the 2007 Honda Accord are very durable. They are made out of a special rubber alloy that allows them to be durable against any type of weather. The rubber compound and insert allow the blades to be quiet and keeps them from leaving streaks on the windshield. These blades are also equipped with Denso Dual Blade Cut technology which allows a smooth, clean wipe.

honda wiper blades

Michelin Hybrid Style Wiper Blades

The Michelin Hybrid Blades are standard hybrid style blades that can be used in all weather conditions. They are made out of graphite covered rubber and are pretty stealthy. SmartFlex technology puts equal pressure across the length of the blade to provide a smooth wipe.

Anco Winter Extreme Wiper Blade

The Anco Winter Wiper Blades are optimized for tough winter conditions. They are equipped with many exclusive technologies for the best results. Arctic armor technology keeps ice from building up on the blade. Geo core technology allows them to be flexible and durable, and it protects the wipers from packed snow. These blades also come with DuraKlear technology which helps them get maximum contact with the windshield. The squeegee is also over sized for clean wipes in extreme conditions.

GoodYear Hybrid Wiper Blades

The Goodyear Hybrid Wiper Blades are good budget wiper blades. They were designed with the intentions to give the customer a quality product at a decent price. They are crafted out of high quality premium materials by top experts. They are suitable for rain and snow. They last for years.

Bosch Insight Wiper Blades

The Bosch Insight wiper blades have a streamlined design. They were designed with single beam technology with an integrated spoiler for enhanced aerodynamics. They are also made out of graphite for max contact with the windshield. The precision tension springs apply equal pressure on the blades for a clean wipe.

Trico Chill Teflon Wiper Blades

The Trico Chill Teflon winter blades are powerful winter blades used for snow and ice. The Teflon covering allows for the blades to cut through snow and ice. It also allows the blades to be more durable than normal wiper blades. The Teflon material allows the blades to make smooth, quiet impact with the windshield.

Michelin Rainforce Wiper Blades

The Michelin Rainforce Blades are made out of authentic rubber, allowing a streak-free, quiet wipe. They have an all metal design to help them cut through rain. They also have EZ Lock technology which makes them easily snap on the any style hook arm without hassle. These are a great option for older cars.

AC Delco Gen2 Wiper Blades

The AC Delco Gen2 wiper blades are made out of TEC3 rubber technology that lets them be used for all seasons. They are made out of quality compounded steel that makes them durable enough to last for years, maybe even for decades. They are only for cars that are equipped with flat blades from the manufacturer. These blades have a synthetic rubber upper body that works really well in extreme conditions. The protective coating protects it from the elements and UV rays.