Wiper Blades? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

wiper blades easy smart

Changing your own wiper blades is intimidating to many people because we are afraid that we are going to do it wrong, or, we are going to break something and then the simple maintenance turns into a costly repair. In many cases, that means that we end up paying a mechanic to change out out wiper blades. But wiper blades? It’s easy if you do it smart. Here is how you can change your own windshield wipers and save yourself the unnecessarily spent cost of paying someone else to do the simple, 5 minute job for you.

There are three basic parts that make up when show wipers. There is the lower wiper arm, the blade that is attached to that wiper arm, and then there is the rubber real Phil parts that resembles a squeegee in order to clean water from the windshield. It is the rubber refill part that requires upkeep and maintenance, as the friction of the movie English show wipers where’s the preciseness of the rubber down, causing it to not be as effective as it once was. Exposure to varying weather conditions also causes the rubber to lose is firmness, so it is often that you will have to change the rubber we feel when you find that your windshield wipers are not working efficiently.


But that is not to say that you will not have to replace the other parts in case of faulty when show wipers. The blade of the lecture wiper is also subject to becoming loose or weak as time goes on. Extreme weather conditions such as hard frozen ice and heavy wet snow can alter the shape of the blade, causing it to bend or lose its tight level of tension. In the case that the windshield wipers are not working at all, not even a little bit, you may find that the entire three pieces of the windshield wiper unit needs to be replaced. So in order to determine what part of the wiper needs to be replaced, you must be aware of the problem you need to fix, as well as how well the unit is functioning.

The three tools that you will need in order to disassemble and reassemble the windshield blades are the rubber refills himself, us how that can be used for the job as well as a pair of needle nose pliers. Once you have all the materials and the placement unit that you need, there really is not much to actually replacing the refill rubber.


The first up of replacing the wiper refill is to remove the old rubber. In order to do so you must remove the arm of the wiper away from the windshield then use the towel to shield the glass in case the arm snaps back and strikes the window. Next, you must rotate the blade so that you are able to flip the bottom of the blade upwards. The task now is to locate the retainer clips that are holding the refill in place and use the needle nose pliers to pinch them towards each other which will release the refill and allowed it to slide out.

Once the old rubber refill is removed, the only thing left to do is to inserts the new rubber refill carefully. In order to do so, use must start at the same point in which you pulled out the old one. The rubber strip should slide right in, and once in place, make sure that the retainer clips are securely in place and are clamped in the last opening. At that point you are complete and you can rotate the windshield wiper back to its original position and rest it on the window.

At this point, that is all that you need to know. And while it is very easy, simple and fast to change your own will show wipers, you also can see that you have thrown away heart earn money for task that is simple enough for a child’s to do. As long as you have the right equipment, identify the correct size of when show wiper, and protect your windshield glass from accidental damage, you should not be intimidated by the thoughts of changing your own when show wipers and you should do it for yourself at least once. That way, even if you do allow someone else to do it for you, you know whether or not they are doing it correctly.

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