Rain-X Weatherbeaten Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

Rain-X Weatherbeaten Wiper Blades Review

Rain-X is a brand name which is recognizable in many households with car-loving occupants. They’ve long been involved in the business of car maintenance through the use of their car ointment which is meant to seal cracked windshields and – as its name clearly suggests – protect them from any sort of leaks due to coming in contact with rain. The company has recently branched out and has stuck their foot in the door of the windshield wiper blade market, giving a new blade alternative to those who have come to love the brand for their other products.

Despite the brand’s reputation, this blade isn’t necessarily sold specifically for windshields which see a lot of rain. The blade in question is more of an all-purpose wiper which focuses on offering its owners a large degree of practicality and durability. No matter the types of weather conditions you may happen to find yourself in on a regular basis, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all of the Rain-X Weatherbeaten wiper blade’s features, ensuring you’re getting your money’s worth. With that said, let’s take a closer look at all of its specs.

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It doesn’t get much better than the Rain-X blade when it comes to effectiveness alone. While there are other products on the market with an equal level of effectiveness as the Rain-X, there aren’t a whole lot with a higher level of effectiveness. When all that matters is having your windshield wiper blades do their job properly, this blade is perfect. This characteristic is apparent at all times, no matter what it is on your windshield that needs to be wiped off in the first place. A wiper blade’s effectiveness is its most important feature and is a feature where the Rain-X excels.


You’ll notice that, in contrast to the rest of the Rain-X’s features, I’ve given it a rather average rating in the quietness department. However, it’s not that the Rain-X is loud, it’s that it isn’t particularly quiet. You’ll find it to be quite average in terms of the amount of noise it produces. This level ofnoise stays consistent at all times the wiper is being used and under all conditions; whether it’s used to remove snow, ice, water, mud or squished insects. While its level of noise isn’t terrible, you’re likely better off going with a different blade if you’re dead set on getting something very quiet in its operation.


The Rain-X has quite a long life expectancy. The manufacturer (accurately) advertises the fact that the wiper’s metal structure is resistant to rust and that its rubber piece is less likely to incur cracks or tears of any sort. This is great to hear, being that the latter issue is one of the main reasons why one might decide to have their windshield wiper blade(s) replaced to begin with. If it’s a great level of durability and reliability you’re after, the Rain-X should give you everything you’re looking for in a blade.


This is another area where the Rain-X performs quite well in relation to much of the competition. You’ll simply find it quite easy to have up and running in no time at all. It also tends to be quite compatible with the vast majority of cars, being that it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. While you may have to actively look for the specific shape and size needed for you own car, it’s nice to know that you’ll be able to use this blade if you decide it is the product for you.


The Rain-X wiper blade may actually have the very best warranty on the entire market. While most warranties which could be considered as being good will often offer a year or two of protection against manufacturing defects, the Rain-X comes with an entire lifetime guarantee. While said guarantee will be void if the blades are not used properly, this should not be an issue. Simply install the blades and relax knowing you’re covered for life.


If you can look past the Rain-X’s rather average level of noise, it’s hard not to love everything else it has to offer. Through its easy installation, its great effectiveness under all conditions and its warranty (which is probably the best warranty you’ll ever see on a windshield wiper blade), the Rain-X is always an excellent choice, no matter the type of motorist you may happen to be.

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