Michelin Stealth Ultra Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

michelin stealth hybrid review

The Michelin Stealth Ultra is advertised as being a great alternative to more expensive windshield wiper blades. It stands as a single blade (if you need two blades, you’ll have to purchase two entire packs) which is meant to replace a broken blade. While you can mix and match the Michelin Stealth Ultra with other blades, it’s generally best two use two of the exact same brand and model. As such, the blade in question may be most suited toward you if you’re already using the same blades on your car. However, if you happen to be in need of two replacement blades for your car, you may still very well find these blades to be beneficial over what you’re currently using.

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The Michelin Stealth Ultra has no particular specialties, though comes in a well-rounded stature, making it perfect if you aren’t overly particular over your blades and would simply like something that performs well in every regard without having any major downsides. It could also be said that this is one of the cheaper blades on the market when compared to others of an equal quality. If this sounds like it might just be the type of wiper blade for you, take a look at some of its specifications below to find out.


The Michelin Stealth Ultra does an above average job simply in terms of removing debris from your windshield. While this characteristic holds true under all circumstances, it is most often seen under colder conditions with the presence of snow and ice. This is due to the wiper’s great level of resistance to jams and other complications typically caused by ice and snow buildups. If you live anywhere which sees a reasonable amount of snow and ice, you’ll likely appreciate the consistency of the Michelin Stealth Ultra’s level of performance.


In terms of the noise created by the blade purely when moving across your windshield, you’ll find the noise it makes to be rather average; it’s not overly loud, though it’s not silent either. However, you’ll find the blades less likely to scrape across ice on the windshield due to its ability to effectively remove said ice. As such, I’ve given the Michelin Stealth Ultra an extra star on its quietness rating due to its ability to refrain from making too much noise under winter conditions when compared to your average wiper.


As previously stated, the Michelin Stealth Ultra throws out any features which may make it stand out among other products in favor of offering a competitively-priced, well-rounded blade. The wiper’s life expectancy is one of the areas wherein the Michelin Stealth Ultra achieves its middle-of-the-road status through offering something which could be considered as being average. I’d never call the wiper blade feeble, though there are some more expensive units available which may carry with them a larger degree of durability. Still, the Michelin Stealth Ultra’s lifespan isn’t bad by any means.


While some of the Michelin Stealth Ultra’s specs may seem somewhat average, this is no longer the case when one takes a look at its ease of use in terms of actually installing the unit in the first place. While this may not be an overly important factor to consider when purchasing a windshield wiper blade, you’ll certainly be able to appreciate the added level of convenience offered by such a feature. Because the blade is built in a way that has it effectively conform to your windshield, you’ll find human error will have little impact on its level of effectiveness, further increasing its ease of installation.


There is no question about it; this is the Michelin Stealth Ultra’s biggest downfall. It has no advertised warranty to speak of. While the unit is rather cheap, it would still be nice to get at least a few months of assurance that it will actually work.


If you can get past its lack of warranty, you’ll likely find the Michelin Stealth Ultra to be a great blade if you you want to make a safe, simple purchase. Its performance is above average, it comes at a relatively low price and installing it is a breeze. While it may not be the most exciting product of its type, you can be sure it won’t leave you disappointed. For a safe and easy purchase, the Michelin Stealth Ultra is always a great choice.

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