How to Remove Windshield Wipers

How to Remove Windshield Wipers

Whether you need to fix your windshield wipers, clean them off or replace them outright, actually removing them is always the first step. Not only that, but after removing them for the first time, you’ll actually find that anything you do afterwards will be much easier than you thought, as successfully removing your windshield wipers gives you a very solid understanding of just how they work in the first place. No matter what you plan on doing with them afterwards, the below tips will have you on your way to fixing up your windshield wipers in no time at all.


For the most part, all windshield wipers can be taken off in the exact same way, just as how every door on every house is opened by turning a knob and pushing. Once you’ve removed one windshield wiper you’ve removed them all. In short, almost all wipers require the exact same motion to be dismounted – a sharp, up-and-out motion. There are; however, some things to look out for.

For example, you should always check to see if your wiper blade comes equipped with a button. If so, pulling up and out without first pressing the button can result in not only a broken windshield wiper, but a broken arm which may need to be repaired by a professional. It’s also imperative you check with your manufacturer if the wiper can’t be removed through following the below instructions. Otherwise, the instructions in question can easily allow you to tackle 90% of wipers without issue.


  1. Pull the arm out away from the window. If you’re wondering, the “arm” refers to the long metal rod that pushes your wiper against your windshield and moves them back and forth. This will allow you to actually work with the wiper in question.
  2. Check for a button. If a button is present, press it and hold it down while following the next step. Otherwise, skip right over this step entirely and move onto the next.
  3. Pull on the wiper in an up-and-out motion. Hold the arm near where it connects to the wiper while doing so. After this, you’re all done. Whether you plan on putting the blade back on or installing a new one, you can do so by pushing down and in on the wiper.


By following the below tips, you can be sure you’ll run little risk of damaging your windshield wipers, their arms or your car.

  1. Pull out gently on the arms. Think of your car’s arms like human arms. Pull back on them slowly to ensure they don’t bend back further than what their manufacturer intended.
  2. If your windshield wiper doesn’t come off with little effort, resist the urge to try again with more force. Take another close look at the wiper and check for any release mechanisms (a button, etc.) before trying again. Also take a look for blockage which may be preventing you from removing the wiper such as dried-on mud. If there is no other explanation, talk to you manufacturer for further assistance. Breaking your wiper’s arm isn’t worth skipping out an a five-minute phone call.

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