How Much Do Windshield Wipers Cost?

How Much Do Windshield Wipers Cost

As with any type of product on any market, there are some windshield wipers which are meant to offer the best to those who are willing to pay top dollar and there are those which offer very little for an extremely low price. As such, there is no one specific number to be had when pondering just how much windshield wipers might cost. However, depending on just what it is you’re looking for, you can certainly get a great estimate on how much you can expect to pay for windshield wipers exhibiting certain qualities. Whether you’re looking to go all out or would simply like to purchase the most frugal pair of windshield wipers at your disposal, the following article should give you everything you need to know. Let’s get to it.


High-end wiper blades don’t only do a great job of keeping your windshield clean, but also come with their own list of added features which you may find useful in many situations. Often times, such blades will come with snow and ice resistance, lowering their chance of freezing up in the winter. They also tend to be easier to install than blades of a lower quality. One thing that truly sets these blades apart from others in their category is the low level of noise with which they operate. Lastly, these blades often last for quite some time, possibly offsetting their high initial cost to some degree or another.


These wiper blades simply will not come with many of the features found in those of a higher quality. However, despite not being overly impressive in terms of their list of features, they tend to still do a great job of cleaning windshields. What’s more, you’ll actually find that they last nearly as long as high-end wiper blades despite coming at a slightly lower price. This translates to less money spent on windshield wipers over your lifetime, assuming you stick with these blades. As such, these are easily the most frugal option at your disposal. When your main priority is getting the best bang for your buck on your next windshield wiper blade purchase, expect to spend at least eight dollars on the purchase, though no more than twelve.


Lastly, we have low-end blades. Low-end wiper blades are not meant to impress by any means. They’re also not the best at handling a variety of different weather conditions. However, this does not mean they don’t have their place in the market. Any wiper blades worth their salt will be able to handle rain and (with a bit of wiper fluid) bugs. As such, if you know you’ll never be around snow or mud, you may find such blades to be in your best interest due to their low cost. Before picking up low-priced blades, take a look at user reviews. If all of the positive reviews seem to have been written by motorists who seem to take on similar driving conditions as yourself, a pair of low-end blades might give you just what you need while saving you money by skipping on all of the features you have no use for.

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