Bosch 3397118979 Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

Bosch 3397118979 Wiper Blades Review

The Bosch 3397118979 is a set of windshield wipers which doesn’t claim to specialize in any one regard, but offers customers a set which can tackle anything thrown at them. Beyond being simply well-rounded, these windshield wipers seem to excel in nearly every regard and are, for that reason, a popular choice among motorists everywhere. Through a large degree of effectiveness and convenience, as well as a great warranty which gives you a great sense of assurance that these wipers will live up to their name, the Bosch 3397118979 is easily one of the best pairs of windshield wipers on the market.

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The efficiency with which a set of windshield wipers can clear off a car’s windshield is easily the most important thing to look out for. While you can’t go wrong with something with a quiet operation or low cost, your wipers simply aren’t even worth buying unless they’re effective. Because of this, you’ll most definitely love the Bosch 3397118979. This pair of wipers holds up perfectly in the effectiveness department. In fact, you’ll likely be unable to think of a single way that Bosch could possibly go about increasing this product’s effectiveness; I sure can’t. When all that matters is clearing of your windshield in a short amount of time, look no further than the Bosch 3397118979.


The level of sound with which these windshield wipers operate may very well be their most heavily-advertised feature. Although it may not be the absolute most important feature to look for in a pair of blades, it’s certainly a nice bonus. With the Bosch 3397118979 wipers, you’ll never here that clunky sound made as wipers “bounce” across a windshield. What’s more, you’ll likely not even hear them glide across the glass either. In terms of quietness, it doesn’t get a whole lot better than these wipers. This is an effect which is primarily achieved through the Bosch 3397118979 wipers’ ability to glide very smoothly across glass. I won’t ask how the folks at Bosch managed to achieve such smooth operation in these wipers, though I’ll say it’s certainly something you will appreciate. Once again, this serves as an added bonus on top of what could already be considered one of the best pairs of windshield wipers currently available on the market.


Bosch will tell you that these particular windshield wipers last twenty percent longer than other wipers which could be placed in the “premium” category. Now, I don’t know how true this is or how they came to this specific number, though I’ll say that these blade do, in fact, seem to last quite a bit longer than your average blades on the market. This is one of those situations where the more expensive product actually ends up being less costly in the long run than its cheaper counterparts. Assuming you don’t mind throwing down nearly fifty dollars on a pair of windshield wipers initially, you could very well consider these wipers to be a small, long-term financial investment. This is a feature I particularly like, as it removes any incentive to buy a cheaper set of wipers whatsoever.


This is just one more area in which the Bosch 3397118979 windshield wipers excel where some other products simply cannot. There isn’t really a whole lot to say here other than praising their quick installation. You’ll have absolutely no problems getting the wipers operable and you’ll likely not even need to read instructions or how-to articles of any sort.


The included warranty is easily the Bosch 3397118979 wipers’ weakest point. The fact that its warranty is still above average certainly says something about these wipers, however. You’ll get one year of coverage after the date on which you purchase the wipers in the first place. So long as they’re used according to their instructions (something which is very easy to achieve), you won’t have to worry about them malfunctioning for a year. Even then, you’ll likely still have them operating seamlessly well after the warranty has worn off.


The Bosch 3397118979 could easily be considered as being the very best in many regards. While it may not have the number one warranty among products of its type, you’ll still find it to be more than fair. Outside of its warranty, you’ll likely have a very hard time trying to find a set of wipers which trump the Bosch 3397118979. They’re effective, they’re frugal, they operate quietly, they’re easy to install and their included warranty isn’t bad at all. As such, the Bosch 3397118979 proves to be one of the very best sets of windshield wipers on the market.

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