Anco C-24-UB Wiper Blades Review (Updated March ’20)

Anco C-24-UB Wiper Blades Review

The Anco C-24-UB is a beam wiper blade. Without delving into the science of what “beam” means in this given context, I will say that these blades are most highly-regarded for their large degree of durability and reliability when stacked up against nearly any other type of windshield wiper blade on the market. While the durability in question may be the most well-known and most heavily-advertised feature of this blade and similar products, it also has a few other selling points which may interest you.

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The Anco C-24-UB carries a much more agreeable price than many similar products on the market and, despite this, seems to have sacrificed little to make this happen. As such, it can be a great alternative to more pricey blades if you’re the type to seek out a bargain, though would rather not go so far as to give up a large amount of features for the privilege of doing so.

Before I continue the review; however, I’ll make a point of noting that the above ratings I have given the blade only apply if it is completely compatible with your windshield (something we’ll touch base on in the Easy Installation section of this review).


When trying to save money on a windshield wiper blade, the most important thing you’ll need to make a point of looking out for is whether or not any given blade is still effective. Luckily, the Anco C-24-UB works just fine in this regard. The amount of customer complaints regarding the blade’s effectiveness are near non-existent. This is a great characteristic to see in one of the cheaper blades out there.


There’s no question as to whether or not the Anco C-24-UB is one of the very best windshield wiper blades within its price range when focusing solely on noise production. Not only will it be able to handle ice without making a loud noise, you’ll likely never even hear a squeak out of this blade. It is one of the very best of its type in this regard, both within and outside of its price range.


Customers will often praise the Anco C-24-UB for being able to tackle anything that might get thrown at it on a regular basis. If you’re looking for something cheap and durable, you might just want to go with this particular blade for this reason alone. Despite being rather low in price, you’ll find that it has still been built with durability in mind.


You’ll notice from the above ratings that the Anco C-24-UB’s trend of doing everything perfectly breaks here. It’s not that you’ll spend all day trying to install the blade; it’s that many folks complain about compatibility issues. Although the blade is advertised as being able to conform to windshields, this is only true for windshields with a minimal amount of curve in their make. As such, installing this blade properly may very well be impossible depending on the curvature of your windshield. The reason I still gave it a rating of three is because it will likely prove extremely easy to install properly if your windshield has little curvature. It truly varies on a case-by-case basis.


The Anco C-24-UB comes with a one-year warranty which protects against any manufacturing defects which may arise (although they rarely do). While not all wiper blades come with a warranty in the first place, those which do typically last a year, making this blade above average in terms of its included warranty alone. The warranty is especially great when one considers the unit’s overall price, which is somewhat below average.


The Anco C-24-UB is an excellent excellent choice if you’re primarily after a large degree of convenience and practicality in your next wiper blade purchase. While you’ll need to make sure that your windshield has a very small amount of curvature for the blade to be fully compatible with your car in the first place, you’ll find its limitations to stop there. Through an otherwise simple and straightforward installation, a long-lasting and durable design and a quiet operation, it’s hard not to appreciate all that the Anco C-24-UB has to offer.

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